Delicious and pure. You won’t find better.

Unlike a lot of imported Tahini, ours is guaranteed free of any additives – no whiteners, fillers, nut oil, palm oil or preservatives.

Just pure, clean sesame tahini, and 100% Vegan too!

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We import the finest sesame seeds from around the globe and roast them to perfection at our own facility in Sussex. The product is consistent and the taste is superb!

We offer 100% organic tahini too. Just ask!

Tahini in a Jar
Premium Sesame Seeds


We package and sell our Premium Sesame seeds. They are one of the world’s healthiest foods, offering high nutritional content – including vitamins, minerals, natural oils and organic compounds (calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and many others).

They can benefit the heart and lower cholesterol too.
They are great on salads, or as a garnish to bread, biscuits and pastries. They also add a distinctive flavour to stir-fried and rice dishes.


We now offer chickpeas!

As with our sesame seeds, our chickpeas are of the finest quality, very clean – sourced from leading growers across the globe. One of the most popular pulses, chickpeas are packed with protein and are a rich source of plant-based nutrients.

If you’re looking to impress with your falafel and hummus, you need the best chickpeas. We can supply 7mm, 9mm and 12mm sized chickpeas in a variety of pack sizes.

Premium Chickpeas
Premium Medjoul Dates


Our Medjoul dates are delicious and healthy!

They contain natural sugar, but they have a low/medium glycemic index score because they also contain a good amount of fibre, which slows the release of the carbohydrates and gives you sustained energy.

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More information about our Halva is coming soon.

Tahini Royal Halva

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